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  • BSO can help you develop and grow and make your future a better one

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Welcome to the British Sales Organisation. This website was designed to help, assist and advise those who are starting a new business plus those who have existing businesses in need of development by offering basic and advanced training.

If you have a good business idea, we will help you to turn it into a flourishing business.
BSO are also interested in people who have existing job skills in all areas of business and crafts. If in your previous employment, you developed skills which can be adapted into a training, course we will assist you in producing a module which we will sell on your behalf.

Make your Dream come True

  • Do you want to be part of an existing Business with excellent opportunities?
  • Is it time for a change in your career prospects and income?
  • Have you come to the end of the line with your career?
  • Are you seeking to enhance your career?
  • Are you no longer Employed?
  • Do you have skills that can be converted into Training Modules?
  • Have you always wanted to be a Trainer?

There are many people who wish to move into a different career path and may need to retrain. As part of the BSO Network of Trainers, you can make that change happen for them whilst increasing your income and allowing you to work from home. BSO is looking to recruit people who wish to become Trainers in all fields from Business Courses to Hobbies & Crafts. We can provide you with all the knowledge required.

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BSO have many opportunities for those who have the drive, commitment, desire and motivation to succeed in business but have not been given a chance.

BSO firmly believe that those types of people should be offered the opportunity to succeed.

So if that is you, then either click on the BSO icon on the right of the screen or go to Opportunities on the menu at the top of the page.

Do you have a business that you know should thrive but you just cannot get it off the ground?

  • Do you know that your small, successful business has more potential, but you need assistance in developing this?
  • Are you losing potential customers through a lack of targeted marketing?

BSO has the experience to provide you with the required knowledge to develop the profitability of your business.

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Are you an Entrepreneur wishing to buy a start-up or existing business venture?
BSO has the solutions to help you achieve your goal. 

Existing Business Ventures

Start-up Ventures

BSO Directors have had many years of creating successful businesses in their distinguished past, and still, today, potentially viable business ideas flow from their natural ingenuity. 
These ideas have been evaluated and assessed by successful Entrepreneurs as having the potential to be highly profitable.
So why have these business ideas been shelved and not implemented?
The answer is that many people who have produced viable business ideas have not taken those ideas to market because the creator does not have the time or the knowledge to bring these projects to market.
With the BSO Directors’ business ideas, it's been time.  Therefore, if you have the drive and motivation to make things happen, then BSO has untapped business ideas which need an entrepreneur to make them a commercial success.
  •    BSO can also introduce you to existing businesses that are successfully operating and that the owners wish to sell for either illness or retirement reasons. This would be an opportunity to purchase a working commercial venture.

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Are you a Creator or an Inventor?

  • Do you have a great idea but no way of getting your product to market?  
  • Are you struggling to sell your concept to potential buyers?

Great ideas often remain just that, they are never taken from concept to completion, due to lack of knowledge. BSO have the knowledge, experience and ability to help you to produce your prototype and guide you through the process of patenting, production, marketing and sales.



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Do you wish to be part of a Business Advisory Blog?

  • Are you interested in hearing, first-hand, about the latest Investment Opportunities?
  • Would you or your company benefit from regular updates on up-to-the-minute topics?

The BSO Advisory Blog was established to help our Clients not only succeed in certain business matters but also as a protection platform.

We regularly provide information on new Government rulings in our blog, and with help provided by help from all of you, whether you are clients, readers or visitors, this will become the place where you can network with each other.

Together we would be able to share knowledge. For example, any changes in Business Law, Budget updates, Stocks and Shares advice, Scams and Fraudulent Practices. This will be for the benefit of all. (For example, the Ransomware Scam. This would have been highlighted as a danger to all our Clients very quickly).

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Providing valuable advice and information to small businesses

A great deal of time and money is wasted every day through lack of guidance and understanding of the business world. We will help you to turn your dream of success into a reality.  

Our business packages and experienced trainers will help you to achieve your goals. We supply ongoing support modules and offer advice on the pitfalls of business that have proven costly to others in the past. We are able to train and support your start-up ideas and assist established organisations.

Who will benefit from the British Sales Organisation training the Support Packages?
  • People who want to build a successful business;
  • Existing companies that haven’t reached full potential;
  • Entrepreneurs looking for a business venture;
  • Entrepreneurs and inventors with a product or idea that need assistance to enter the market and achieve success.

Additional business product packages
  • Building a business plan to help a new business obtain start-up funding;
  • How and where to procure additional funding;
  • Sales and Marketing advice for new ventures or those wishing to start a career in sales
  • Tax matters and accounts to keep you ahead of any legal obligations.
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British Sales Organisation has an effective team of trainers and advisors who will support you in all areas of running an efficient business.

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Book a place on one of our Business Development Courses. Send us an email and we will be in touch.