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Entrepreneurs & Inventors

Are you are a budding Entrepreneur or an Inventor with a product or service? BSO can provide the support required on two levels to get your project off the ground.

We will help you to identify your goals and carry through your ideas which will ultimately increase your wealth.

Entrepreneurs Level 1

We will provide you with potential Business Ideas that never really took off because the Inventor of the project either lacked the knowledge to progress the idea or did not have the time to dedicate to this project. We can help you find your own niche-market, we have a list of untapped projects that never made it to market. We can introduce you to the Stock Markets, Amazon and other wealth building platforms, and the advantages and disadvantages of investing in these arenas.

Entrepreneurs Level 2

We will be supplying you with a business that is viable and operating, but the owner wishes to sell due to age, retirement or illness.

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We assist Inventors that can make a difference to other businesses in the areas of productivity or cost-saving. You may have a product that you are unsure how to develop, how to take it from conception to market whilst ensuring your idea is protected.

BSO can help you to reach your goal by progressing and sourcing investment to take your product to Market.
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