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Business Development

Are you ready to move your new business forward?

Everyone has a choice in life to either progress or fall behind. Don’t leave your future to fate.

Learning gives knowledge and knowledge is power. Only you can make real changes in your life. You
can progress.

BSO will assist you in your progression
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We will help you to identify all aspects of your Business Development Plan. Our expertise includes:

  • Finding a Business that suits your needs;
  • Building a Business Plan to help your business ideas materialise;
  • Assisting you to obtain the required funding;
  • Sales Training Courses from introduction to advanced Sales Techniques;
  • Advise on Lead Generation, Sales Development and Attracting New Customers.
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Only you can stop your own Business Achievements

Do you have a Business Dream? Go ahead and achieve it, do not let anyone stop you. Business success is available to everyone.

Many say that good Salespeople are born and not made. We do not believe this to be true, anyone can be a successful Salesperson with the right knowledge and understanding of the rules. We will teach you those rules.
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We offer a complete service for everyone

Our Business Development Workshops cover a broad range of topics including : 

New Business Development with Sales and Marketing
New Business start-ups including multi-media generated Sales
Inventors looking for Seed Capital for their new Projects
Entrepreneur Start-ups including Product Search
Diversification to expand Business Sales
Exit strategies and selling your Business
Finance and Tax issues
Lead Generation

Techniques BSO recommends you avoid. There are many more when you join our Elite Business Club

FOMO Techniques

The popular trend at the moment is for companies to sell courses on their websites working on the
“fear of missing out" (FOMO) theory. Or, to put it another way they aim for you to take up their offers at a lower price immediately, pressurising you into believing that the discounted price will rise in the future days. These prices could increase by up to 90% of the offered price. Of course, in many cases this is simply not true, it's a method of getting you to purchase the course right away.

In many cases, if the course did offer high content value, then why would any company sell their product with a 90% discount? The discounted offer shows that the product or service was overpriced in the first place.

A recent example we have seen is where a company on the Internet was attempting to sell a marketing course and the cost to join was £30, provided the offer was taken up within 48 hours - after that time the price would increase to its normal sale price of £300. Whilst we investigated some of these web-offers we found in general that many (but not all) only had a value of £30 in the first place.

Drip Pricing

Drip pricing is becoming a popular tool with many web-based training companies. They advertise that their services aim to get
people to earn incomes of up to and sometimes exceeding six figures a month. These companies, organisations or even individuals entice you to start up a web-based business, most commonly Amazon related, with their help and guidance.

Usually this starts with a short programme/webinar where they will talk about themselves and their successes and they introduce you to other people that they have helped and assisted to achieve success - on the face of it this all seems quite genuine and feasible.

However, where this all falls apart is their total pricing structure. In the first step, they will encourage you to purchase an e-book that talks about their success and how they achieved that success. The cost for receiving this book is approximately £19.00. After paying for the book it's suggested that you take the next step by attending a webinar meeting costing £180.00 where they will take you through the secrets of how they achieved that success. After you have paid and attended the webinar you will then need their help and assistance to find products for you to take to the Amazon market.

One operation will charge you £6,000 for their ongoing help and you must find approximately £10,000-£20,000 for stock and other costs. Another separate organisation also takes money for a webinar meeting and then requires a huge £40,000 for their start-up assistance plus additional costs estimated at £20,000 for products etc.

More reasons for you to join BSO Elite Business Club

Many people have enjoyed lifestyles others can only dream of - nice homes, expensive cars, world travel – achievements made through success in their own business ventures.

By joining the BSO Elite Business Club you will learn how to make your business a success – the lifestyle will follow. We identify business shortfalls - learned the hard way by most.

The BSO Elite Business Club is your pathway to success. You will learn how to succeed in new enterprises, in your existing employment or a new pathway, perhaps as an Amazon affiliate, Shopify or an e-Bay seller, we will guide you through the process to a six-figure income.

We will introduce you to new businesses that need to be started, new opportunities and offer you guidance and training to enhance your success.

By joining our Business Club, you will be informed and educated on all aspects of Business matters and any caveats relating to your business journey, including assisted financing of your projects, taxation and accounting matters.

Your success is our success. Put your future in our hands and we will show you how to reap the rewards of your hard work. Make your dream a reality!

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